PV SoilSayer

Before the system is built, state-of-the-art modeling software calculates soiling losses throughout the year to estimate O&M budgets and align PV system performance models with optimal cleaning cycles.

PV Pattern Soiling Station

After the PV system is constructed, Cell-level measurements provide insight into soiling patterns, accurately measure non-uniform soiling losses, prevent hot spots due to soiling and model soiling losses on a wide variety of different PV technologies.

PV Soil Monitoring Portal

Web portal monitoring provides easy access to on-site soiling loss measurements, insightful analytics to optimize cleaning cycles and user configurable alerts and alarms.

PV SoilSayer

Improve the accuracy of baseline performance models

Estimate optimal clean cycles based-on cost trade-offs​

Accurately estimate soiling losses as a function of angle of incidence and site specific weather conditions​

Align performance models and O&M budgets with optimal clean cycles​

Step Into the Future....

The PV SoilSayer is a revolutionary new software that helps PV owners and operators estimate cleaning costs well ahead of PV system construction. The PV SoilSayer utilizes advanced computer learning algorithms combined with annual weather data, PV performance models, soiling losses estimations, and system cost trade-offs to calculate the optimal cleaning cycles.

Why PV Soil Monitoring?

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Up to 35% energy losses due to soiling in a single month in desert regions

Soiling losses are specific to design, technology and local weather conditions​

Non-uniform soiling is a major contributor to hotspot formation and accelerated degradation​

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Cleaning costs account for up to 30% of total system O&M budget

PV Pattern Soiling Station

Optimize PV system performance

Prevent hotspots

Minimize cleaning costs​

Maximize returns from PV assets​

Minimize cleaning costs​

Maximize returns from PV assets​

Optimize PV system performance

Prevent hotspots

How it works


Specialized soil monitoring hardware platform accurately measures losses due to soiling at any point within the PV system


Measurements are sent to remote servers where the cost trade off between soiling losses vs. cleaning are calculated


Automated notifications alert operators of upcoming cleanings in order to minimize costs and maximize production

All-In-One PV Soil Monitoring Station

Completely Autonomous

On-board DAS, Battery Charger, and Comms

Fully Automated Clean Reference System

Accurate Non-Uniform Soiling Measurements

Scalable to Any Size PV System

Compatible with Any PV Mounting System

Cost Effective

The Right Time to Clean

Knowing when to clean is critical to minimizing costs and maximizing revenues for PV assets. Enlighten Energy Soil Monitoring solutions provide PV plant owners and operators with state-of-the-art soil monitoring stations and advanced modeling and forecast software designed to optimize the clean cycle and save you money.

Web-based Monitoring

The PV Pattern Soiling Station includes a web-based, PV Soil Monitoring Portal where users can access real-time metrics and forecasts, download reports and configure automated alerts.

Service Provider Network

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The PV SoilSayer helps PV system owners and operators select appropriate cleaning systems, estimate optimal cleaning schedules and plan O+M budgets.
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