WASPP II - PV Soil Monitoring System

Soiling losses of for a given PV array are determined by the most soiled cell / panel in a series connected string. The WASPP II (Waterless, Automated, Soiling Pattern, Pod) utilizes cell-level /sub-panel level soiling measurements to determine accurate characterization of non-uniform soiling losses. 

Mounts to Standard PV Racks Including Single Axis Trackers

No Cabling or AC Power Connections Required

Completely Mobile and Installs in Minutes

Recommended to Install One PV PSS per Distinct Soiling Region within the PV System

Sub-panel Soiling Detection

The WASPP II  is designed to measure soiling losses at the cell / sub-panel level to provide additional reliability, accuracy and insight into soiling losses across the PV plant. 

Fully Autonomous, Low Maintenance, Hardware Solution for Maximum Accuracy, Reliability and Mobility

Self Cleaning Reference System

The WASPP II, automated reference cover system ensures reliable and accurate measurements by keeping the reference cell clean and automatically wiping the reference cell before each soiling measurement:

Brush gently wipes reference cell clean between measurements

Sealed enclosure protects reference cell between measurements

Moisture sensor ensures reference cell stays dry

Motor control unit automates opening and closing of the reference cell cover

Autonomous Monitoring

Every WASPP II includes all components required to monitor soiling losses and communicate data to the Enlighten Energy Soil Monitoring portal or a local DAS: