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Soiling Loss Predictions and Cleaning Analysis for PV Plants...

One of the biggest issues affecting the efficiency of a PV plant is the loss of energy due to the accumulation of dust and debris on the surface of the PV panels. Enlighten Energy helps owners and operators, monitor, predict and manage these losses to ensure maximum return for PV assets.

  • Estimate soiling losses for Greenfield projects using semi-imperical soiling models and historical weather data
  • Optimize cleaning schedules to maximize energy production and minimize costs
  • Estimate Soiling Losses and Optimal Cleaning Costs for Greenfield and Operational PV Projects Alike. 

Lower LCOE, Increase PV System Efficiency and Maximize returns for PV assets!

Feature Highlights - 

What the PV SoilSayer can do for you

Predict Soiling Losses 

Select from a number of historical weather databases to determine the impact of soiling on the PV assets. Semi-imperical physics models provide users with soiling loss forecasts based-on historical PM10, rainfall, windspeed, RH, and GHI. 

Manage Energy Losses

Knowing when and if to clean the PV plant requires complex analysis of a variety of financial, technical and meteorological considerations. A Clean Cycle Calendar provides automated daily updates and email alerts of optimal cleaning dates, well ahead of scheduled cleaning events, to maximize returns.

Sensitivity Analysis

Run multiple scenarios to determine soiling losses due to historical weather trends , optimal cleaning cycles and methods, and resulting financial impacts. 

Detailed Reports

Reports provide detailed analysis of weather trends, energy production and associated losses and financial impact. Further details can be downloaded in the form of hourly .csv files for further analysis and use in third party tools. 

Energy Production Models

Utilize industry standard PV energy production modeling systems to determine the impact of soiling on energy production.

Integration with Third Party Applications

Integrate automated soiling loss prediction and cleaning optimization calculations into third-party monitoring platforms using RESTFUL API. 

PV SoilSayer Soiling Analysis and Clean Cycle Optimization platform

Whether you are looking to estimate soiling losses to improve the valuation of greenfield projects or optimize cleaning costs for operational assets, the PV SoilSayer, web-based soiling analysis platform will ensure the maximum returns on investment for your PV assets. 

  1. 1
    Estimate Soiling Losses for Greenfield Projects – Estimations of energy production can make or break projects under development. Every % of energy gain directly translates into revenues and can often result in lower cost of capital and ultimately, higher returns for investors. The PV SoilSayer utilizes semi-physical models, along with historical weather and air quality data to estimate soiling levels long before project construction begins, providing investors and financiers with accurate forecasts of energy production as well as OPEX budgets. Additionally, calculated soiling ratios and rates can be used to calculate energy production from third party tools such as PVSYST. 
  2. 2
    Access to Global Weather DataBases – Energy production from PV assets are largely dependent on the weather. Likewise, the cleanliness of the PV panels and associated losses are largely dependent on the amount of rainfall and dust in the air. The PV SoilSayer connects users to a variety of leading, ground-based and satellite data sets, as well as long-term weather forecasts, which are seamlessly integrated to provide easy comparison of the impact of weather on the soiling losses. 
  3. 3
    Optimize Cleaning Schedules to Minimize OPEX – When and if it makes cost sense to clean a PV system depends on technology, design, location, and financial considerations. This is a complex calculation requiring enormous computing power and carefully prepared datasets for accurate results. The PV SoilSayer utilizes proprietary algorithms, logical filters and Big Data processing methods to determine the optimal cleaning schedule that result in the maximum return on investment. In addition, users can also choose from any number of different methods and frequencies to clean and determine resulting soiling losses and financial returns. 
  4. 4
    Determine the Optimal Methods for Cleaning – there are a number of options for cleaning the PV plants and each with associated costs and benefits. The PV SoilSayer provides users with a variety of tools to estimate cleaning costs and associated losses from a number of different cleaning methods to help owners and operators understand the cost trade-offs of each and ultimately select the optimal methods, frequency and equipment for keeping the PV assets clean. 

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