PV Soil Monitoring Portal

Calculating Solar panel cleaning costs:
The PV Soil Monitoring Portal provides users with up-to-date data analysis and forecasts calculated from regular, on-site measurements taken from the PV Pattern Soiling Staions.


The Clean Cycle Calendar keeps system operators up to date with forecasted cleaning events and makes it easy to calculate solar panel cleaning costs. 

Station Overview

The Station Overview includes a map of the PV system detailing the specific location of each soil monitoring station within the PV system and associated PV arrays.

Status indicators ensure the health of the remote hardware:

Detailed Soiling Analysis

Cell-level soiling losses provide cell level accuracy while revealing panel and array level losses.


Configure automated alarms to manage soiling losses and plan optimal cleaning schedules.


Automated report templates provide detailed analysis of financial gains / losses resulting from a specified clean cycle. Users can download and send automated reports.