Find a Service Provider

The Enlighten Energy Service Provider Network is a global network of local cleaning experts and equipment providers. PV System owners and operators can register with our network by completing the online registration form.


After completing the required request forms, a Request For Proposal will be sent to all available service providers.


Service providers will post proposals on the Service Provider Network Portal.

Automated emails notify users when proposals have been submitted and users can login to the portal to view proposals.

Users can login to the Service Provider Network Portal to view competitive proposals and find the best price for cleaning their PV assets from qualified, local service providers.


Upon accepting a service provider proposal, user and service provider information will be shared.

All user information is kept confidential until a user chooses to accept a proposal.

There is no fee for users to use the Service Provider Network and users are under no legal obligation to fulfill the proposals after acceptance.

Register below to find the best price for cleaning your PV system from qualified local service providers....and start saving!