Take the guesswork out of when to clean your PV system...

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The PV Clean Cycle Forecast Tool provides PV system developers and operators with an estimation of the first year cleaning schedule.

Watch this short video to learn more about how you can maximize the performance of your PV assets while minimizing cleaning costs!

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Why PV Soil Monitoring?

  • Up to 35% energy losses due to soiling in a single month in desert regions
  • Soiling losses are specific to design, technology and local weather conditions
  • Non-uniform soiling is a major contributor to hotspot formation and accelerated degradation
  • Cleaning costs account for up to 30% of total system O&M budget
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Introducing the PV SoilSayer Monitoring System

  • Optimize PV system performance
  • Prevent hotspots
  • Minimize cleaning costs
  • Maximize returns from PV assets
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How It Works

Everything You Need in a Soil Monitoring System

  • Fully Automated
  • Easy to Install and Maintain
  • Accurate and Reliable Measurements
  • Scalable to Any Size PV System
  • Compatible with Any PV Mounting System
  • Compatible with Any Type of PV Panel
  • Cost Effective
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The Right Time to Clean

Knowing when to clean can be determined by a simple economic equation: When the cost of the loss of energy due to soiling of the PV panels becomes greater than the cost of cleaning the PV system, it's time to clean... not before, not after.

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Web-based Monitoring

The PV Soilsayer Monitoring System includes a Web-Based Monitoring Portal where users can access real-time data and forecasts, download reports and configure alerts.

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Service Provider Network

Looking for a cleaning provider or automated solutions for your PV system? Find qualified providers through our service provider referral system.

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FREE TRIAL: Cleaning Forecast

The annual Clean Cycle Forecast Tool helps PV system owners and operators select appropriate cleaning systems, estimate optimal cleaning schedules that are aligned with performance targets and plan O+M budgets.

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